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Throughout a woman’s life she undergoes many changes. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. From youth, through adolescence and puberty to adulthood, motherhood and beyond. Hormones play a huge part in this process and many find themselves struggling or juggling the demands along with the natural changes they experience.

We believe that it is important to provide the tools to navigate these changes, to age well, the way we intend to, rather than how we are told to… Anara products have been developed by women, for women for exactly this purpose. Our female-led team is a passionate and focused one, always working on new concepts and ideas.

Having worked with Cape Aloe for over 30 years, we made a chance discovery that the use of our formulated gel topically applied helped alleviate hot flushes and night sweats (symptoms related to Menopause). This discovery brought about a broader idea for a range of products specifically for women and the various intimate moments of womanhood.

Naturally, our first products are based on the Menopausal phase, but we are hard at work with plenty in the wings… so watch this space!

Our objective is to formulate quality, natural based products. We source and use only those ingredients which fit our safety and efficacy standards. We believe that nature know best, that is why what we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put it in – pure and sustainable ingredients with no harmful additives.

Every active ingredient that we include in our range is there for a specific therapeutic reason. Our products have been extensively tested on groups of women with exceptional results. Every woman is a unique human being and the changes experienced through womanhood will affect every woman in a slightly different way, special only to her.

be yourself